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Your Account Closure

  • 1
    Why is Multilotto not taking bets and accepting wagers after the 30.09.2019?
    This action is due to a change in strategy for the UK market, whereby we shall not be operating any longer as Business to Customer (B2C) licensees, but will be furthering our Business to Business (B2B) operations in the UK through our sister company Lotto Warehouse.
  • 2
    When will stop accepting wagers on casino /slot games?
    Multilotto shall cease accepting bet and wagers as from 30.09.2019, however, our site, shall remain operational till 31st October 2019 in order to allow our customers to withdraw their funds.
  • 3
    Is there anything I need to do now?
    If you have no balance on your account – no further action is required from you.You will no longer need to log in and your account will be closed permanently on the 31st of October 2019. If your account is active, you can log in to your Multilotto account as normal and withdraw your outstanding balance at any time before 31st October 2019. You will no longer be able to log in after this date and your account will not be directly accessible. Should your account not be directly accessible any longer, you may send us an email at [email protected] requesting for funds withdrawal, following which our customer agent will provide you with instructions as to what would be required in order for us to transfer the remaining balance. Request for funds withdrawals will not be accepted after the 30 November 2019 as all player accounts will be closed after this date.
  • 4
    Are funds/money in my Multilotto account safe?
    Multilotto remains solvent and your funds are segregated and will remain safe. However, they must be withdrawn by 30 November 2019 or they will be forfeited by you.
  • 5
    I have an outstanding balance on my account. Will I get it back?
    If you have an active account, you can log in to your Multilotto account as normal and withdraw your outstanding balance at any time before 31st October 2019. You will no longer be able to log in after this date and you will need to send a request for withdrawal via email [email protected]. No fund withdrawals will be possible after the 31st October 2019 as your account will be closed.
  • 6
    I can’t log in because I’m self-excluded or have used another Responsible Gambling tool?
    If you have used our Responsible Gambling tools or have timed out from all products on your account, you will not be able to access any services during this period. If you have a balance on your account and no outstanding requests for additional documents and/or information from our Customer Support Team, kindly contact our Customer Support Team on email [email protected] who will assist with your withdrawal request and returning your balance back to your depositing method. If we require further information from you, we will contact you at your registered email address.
  • 7
    I have funds in my Multilotto account and I’ve been asked for KYC documents before I can withdraw my balance.
    We want to ensure the return of funds to you as quickly as possible. However, our Customer Support Team may request “Know Your Customer” (“KYC”) documents to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

    If our Customer Support Team has already requested KYC documents or information from you, or does so in response to your withdrawal request, you should promptly provide the documents and information within the time frame, to ensure no delays in the return of any funds to you from your Multilotto account.
  • 8
    I have funds in my Multilotto account and need to update my Credit/Debit card details.
    In line with our Terms and Conditions, you can withdraw your remaining funds to the payment method you used to deposit with us. However, if your registered card has expired or been lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Support Team to update your new card.
  • 9
    My Multilotto account has been unused for a while or is dormant. How can I reactivate it to withdraw any balance?
    To request account re-activation due to dormancy, you should send an email to [email protected] and complete a security verification for your account.
  • 10
    What happens if I do not withdraw the funds in my Multilotto account within the time frame provided?
    We will make reasonable attempts to contact you directly at your registered email address until the 30 November 2019. If we are unable to contact you or you have not withdrawn your funds by 30 November 2019 any remaining funds will be forfeited by you.
  • 11
    Does this action affect all Multilotto websites?
    This action relates to only.
  • 12
    How long will it take for the funds to be returned to me?
    Depending on the withdrawal method, the following time frames typically apply (if no KYC is required):
    Credit/Debit Cards = 1-3 Working
    DaysNeteller = 24 hours
    Bank transfer – 1-3 Working Days
  • 13
    Is there anything I need to do now?
    If you have no balance on your account – no further action is required from you. However, if you have any outstanding balance or any pending bets, you should act without delay. This includes supplying any relevant KYC documentation previously requested by our Customer Support Team.
  • 14
    What happens to my bets on lotteries which have not yet been settled?
    Ante post or pending bets will be honoured for all events occurring up to 30.09.2019. Bets on Lottery events placed for draws after the 30.09.2019 will be voided and the stake returned within 48 hours.

    In the event you have a subscription with Multilotto that goes beyond the 30.09.2019 you will have the option to either cancel the subscription and therefore have the remaining committed bets refunded to your account, or you may do nothing and Multilotto will automatically debit your account accordingly.
  • 15
    Can I open an account with stopped accepting new registrations as from 27 September 2019.
  • 16
    Will winning bets be credited to my account?
    Ante post or pending bets will be honoured for all events occurring up to 30.09.2019. Bets placed for events (draws) occurring after the 30.09.2019 will be voided.
  • 17
    What happens to my information provided to Multilotto after the site has closed?
    After 30.09.2019, where it is no longer necessary to process your personal data, personal data that is not required for Anti Money Laundering purposes, tax purposes, accounting purposes, or any other purpose where we are legally obliged to keep such personal data or have a legitimate interest to do so, will be deleted as per General Data Protection Regulation. Any data retained shall be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy for up to 5 years following the closure of your Multilotto account, or the last contact with you. After this period, it will be permanently deleted, subject to any overriding legal or regulatory obligations we have.
  • 18
    I want you to delete all information I provided to Multilotto?
    To comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, where it is no longer necessary to process your personal data, it will be deleted. Any data retained shall be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy for up to 5 years following the closure of your account, or the last contact with you. After this period, it will be permanently deleted, subject to any overriding legal or regulatory obligations we have.
  • 19
    How can I contact the Customer Support Team?
    Our Customer Support Team are available via email [email protected] to assist with any Multilotto account queries.
  • 20
    Can I use any other remote gambling operator?
    We are unable to comment about other operators.


  • 1
    What is Multilotto? allows players to bet on the outcome of a wide range of international lotteries in order to win the same prizes, including the jackpot.

  • 2
    What are the advantages of

    Thanks to you can now win the world’s biggest jackpots without having to fly to another country to place a bet.

    We offer our players the chance to win the biggest jackpots in the world, including America’s Powerball and Mega Millions.

    Players can also benefit from unique features like Group Play, while we also offer our loyal customers bonuses and other special offers.

  • 3
    When was founded? began building the first version of our platform in fall 2010 and launched in late summer 2011. Our UK site launched during 2017.

  • 4
    Does have a mission?

    Our mission is to become the world leader in online lottery betting, providing an unparalleled customer experience for our players.

    We want to be the place customers in the UK think about when they want to win a truly massive jackpot!

Available Lotteries

  • 1
    What is Powerball?

    Powerball is an American lottery game sold in 44 jurisdictions as a shared jackpot game. It is coordinated by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), a non-profit organization formed by an agreement with lotteries. Powerball is a game whose advertised jackpot starts at $40 million and can roll into hundreds of millions over many drawings. To bet on Powerball, players choose 5 numbers from a guess range of 1-69 and an additional number (the Powerball) from a different guessing range of 1-26. At the time of the lottery draw, the additional number (the Powerball) is drawn from a separate drum. The additional number allows lottery players to win secondary prizes and is essential to complete the jackpot winning number selection. Players can pick their numbers manually, use their pre-selected numbers (Favorite numbers), or have their numbers randomly chosen (Random). Additionally, players can choose a Subscription to ensure they never miss a draw.

  • 2
    What is Mega Millions?

    Mega Millions is one of the most famous lotteries in USA. To bet on Mega Millions, players choose five numbers from a guess range of 1-70 and an additional number, the Mega Ball, from a separate number matrix with a guess range of 1-25. The additional number is required to win the Mega Millions jackpot, as well as for several secondary prizes from the lottery’s nine prize categories. Players can pick their numbers manually, use their pre-selected numbers (Favorite numbers), or have their numbers randomly chosen (Random). Additionally, players can choose a Subscription to ensure they never miss a draw. Mega Millions jackpot starts at $40 million.

  • 3
    What is Eurojackpot?

    Eurojackpot is a new transnational European lottery launched in March 2012. The jackpot will start at €10,000,000 and can roll over up to €90,000,000. The goal is to match 5 correct numbers out of 50 plus another 2 supplementary numbers out of another 10 (since the 4th of October 2014). Drawings are every Friday.

    To bet on the Eurojackpot lottery, players first select five numbers from a guess range of 1-50 as well as two additional numbers from a separate guess range of 1-10. The additional numbers allow lottery players the possibility of winning supplementary prizes and are also essential to complete the jackpot winning numbers selection.

    Players can pick their numbers manually, use their pre-selected numbers (Favorite numbers), or have their numbers randomly chosen (Random). Additionally, players can choose a Subscription to ensure they never miss a draw.

  • 4
    What is Bonoloto?

    Bonoloto is a very popular lotto game in Spain and is the little brother of La Loteria Primitiva, the Spanish Lotto game. Bonoloto is played on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in Spain.

    The Bonoloto uses a single-drum lottery system. To bet on the Bonoloto, choose 6 numbers out of a 1-49 range. During the draw, a seventh number will be selected. This bonus number, or “complementario” number, cannot contribute towards a jackpot-winning prize combination. However, matching five main number draws plus the complimentario number entitles players to the second prize.

    Players can select an 8 line form or enter the draw with a systematic form of 8, 9, 10, or 11 numbers. A system game produces all possible combinations of the selected numbers and increases players’ chances of winning a prize. Players can choose numbers manually, have the numbers randomly selected by the system (Random), or draw the number selection from saved numbers on (Favorite numbers).

  • 5
    What is La Primitiva?

    La Primitiva is one of the oldest lotteries, dating back to 1763 where the so called “Loteria Real” (Royal Lottery) was introduced by the king as the official Spanish lottery.

    In 2013, La Primitiva made its mark on the list of the world’s biggest lottery wins. You can bet on La Primitiva online at, a modern, safe and convenient way of betting on your lucky numbers and participating in an over 200 years old lotto tradition!

  • 6
    What is the New York Lottery?

    The NY lottery, or New York Lottery, is one of the most classic and well-known lotteries in the world, much due to its iconic slogan: “Hey, you never know…”. A motto that surely every lotto player can embrace.

    The New York Lottery began in 1967 as the third modern U.S. lottery, after Puerto Rico's began in 1934, and New Hampshire's in 1964. It provides revenue for public education, and is based in Schenectady.

  • 7
    What is Mega-Sena?

    Mega Sena is Brazil’s leading lottery, known for its impressive jackpots, that will challenge any other lottery in the world, though when compared to Powerball and Mega Millions - they’re dwarfed in size.

    The lottery features a unique drawing format and a special annual super draw (Mega da Virada). It has been operating since 1961, channeling part of the revenue to charitable programs for social and cultural development.

  • 8
    What is California SuperLotto Plus?

    The California Super Lotto is the most famous and popular California lottery and has been making important contributions to the state's overall fortune since it was established in 1984 after California voters passed Proposition 37, the California State Lottery Act of 1984, authorizing the creation of a lottery.

    The first tickets were purchased on October 3, 1985. SuperLotto Plus is a California-only game played in the style of Mega Millions. SuperLotto Plus is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. The game began in 1986 as California Super Lotto. In 2000, the name was changed to SuperLotto Plus.

  • 9
    What is SuperEnaLotto?

    The Italian lottery players has a plethora of lotto games to choose from, however, the premiere Italian lotto is without a doubt SuperEnaLotto. Created in December of 1997 it is based on the well-known EnaLotto which had been running in Italy since 1950. Draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM.

    The jackpots won are among the largest in the world, and the odds of winning one of the lowest in the world. The record prize being so far €177,800,000, after more than 8 months of rollovers, the largest single-ticket jackpot up to date is worth €177,800,000 ($247,943,104). This was won by a syndicate of 70 winners on October 30, 2010.

  • 10
    What is El Gordo de La Primitiva?

    The National lottery operator of Spain, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, has a long tradition of holding several special draws each year. The most famous of these lottery draws, because of their huge payouts and tradition, are El Gordo Primitiva and the El Gordo Navidad Christmas lottery, also known as the Loteria de Navidad in Spain.

    The El Gordo de La Primitiva is held on a weekly basis, every Sunday in Spain. Just select 5 numbers from 1 to 54 and a key number from 0 to 9. This key number will be the same for all bets on your lotto betting slip. You will win a prize if you get at least two numbers right. If you only get the key number right you will receive the amount bet on the slip. Draws take place on Sundays at 9:00 pm (Spanish time).

  • 11
    What is the German Lottery 6aus49?
    The German lottery LOTTO 6 aus 49 offers 8 prize divisions and two weekly drawings, which gives players great chances of becoming winners in the popular national lottery. Players are required to choose from a guess range of 1-49 for the regular numbers and 0-9 for the additional number. Only one additional number can be chosen, and it will apply to all the lines purchased.

    The Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock (DLTB) created the Germany Lotto in 1974, and it continues as Germany’s most popular lottery today. The lottery is run by consortium of German lotteries that preside over different regions of the country or specific lottery formats. Each organization governs the DLTB for three-year periods. Germany Lotto’s record jackpot, €37.6 million, was won in 2007.

  • 12
    What is the Cash4Life lottery?
    Cash4Life is one of the youngest multi-state lottery games in the U.S. since it was launched back in 2014, but it already attracted millions of players with its compelling format and high prizes. In the very beginning, Cash for Life lottery was only available to players from New York and New Jersey, but as the time went by several other states joined in.

    Cash4Life is played in a similar way as all other games with dual-matrix. Anyone who wants to participate has to select five numbers from the main drum with 60 balls, and one additional Cash Ball from the second drum, with only four balls to choose from. This leaves players with amazing odds of 1: 21.846.048 for winning the jackpot.

  • 13
    What is the Irish Lotto?

    The Irish Lottery takes place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays and features jackpots worth at least €2 million(£1.5m)– the record jackpot was over €9 million (£8.3m)!

    Betting is easy – simply pick 6 numbers from 1-47 and if you match them all you’ll win the jackpot. Bets cost only £2! The Irish Lotto offers some of the best odds of hitting the jackpot of any of our lotteries. Try it for yourself and see if you have the luck of the Irish!

  • 14
    What is the Polish Lotto?

    The Polish Lotto is one of our best value lotteries, costing just £1, offering great odds of hitting the top prize and jackpots regularly in excess of £2 million. The record jackpot is in fact close to £9 million – so it’s easy to see why this lotto is such a big hit!

    Draws take place three times a week at 7.40pm (GMT) and you can check results quickly and easily on our results page. Betting on the Polish Lotto is really easy. Just select 6 numbers from 1-49 and if you guess them all correctly you’ll win our jackpot! If you fancy a cheap, exciting lottery then bet on Polish Lotto today.

  • 15
    What is the Bitcoin Jackpot lottery?

    Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency sensation that is sweeping the world and now you can get your chance to get a piece of the action by betting on Bitcoin Jackpot Lottery, which offers a top prize of a set amount of cash equivelant to a set amount of Bitcoins. The draw takes place every day of the week, apart from Sunday, at 8.30pm and it costs just £3 for a single bet.

    When you bet on Bitcoin Jackpot Lottery, you’re actually betting on the results of the Spanish Bonolotto. However, if you win you’ll receive our top prize of Bitcoins. You can also choose the cash equivalent. To bet simply choose six numbers from 1-49. If you match all numbers correctly you’ll win the top prize!

  • 16
    What is the Norway lotto?

    The Norway lotto - also known in Norwegian as Norsk Tipping Lotto - is a national lottery which has been ran by the Norwegian state since 1986. It is the biggest money-game in the country and offers 1 draw each week. There are a total of 34 numbers to choose from in Lotto Norway - get 7 of them right and you win the jackpot. Due to the low amount of numbers available, the Norway Lotto is one of Europes lotteries with the highest probability of winning.

    Visit Multilotto today to purchase your tickets for the Norway Lotto and enter yourself in the draw to change your life forever. If you would like to take a flutter on the bigger European lotteries, such as Euromillions and Eurojackpot, Multilotto also has you covered. We offer players the chance to play the biggest lotteries from around the world. What are you waiting for? Start playing today!

  • 17
    What is Canada Lotto 6/49?

    The Canada Lotto 6/49 is the national lottery of Canada. Players from Canada and also from around the world can easily bet on this lottery online at Multilotto! The Canada Lotto 6/49 has a big jackpot and also better odds than many similar lotteries.

    The odds of winning the jackpot is 1:13,983,816. The draws takes place twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays at 03:30 CET and one bet costs CAD 3,75 (€2,50/£2.50).

  • 18
    What is the Viking lotto?
    The lottery with the coolest name, the Vikinglotto is a lottery which came to be in 1993 and it’s in conjunction with the national lotteries of nine European countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovenia. In the Viking Lotto, players need to choose 6 numbers between 1-48 and a bonus number between 1-8. Each ticket costs €0.80 and you can have a look at the Vikinglotto odds here at Multilotto. Draws happen weekly; every Wednesday at 21:00 CET.
  • 19
    What is the Austria Lotto?
    In the Austria Lotto, players need to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 45. Each ticket costs 15 kronor and the game offers excellent winning odds making it the most popular in Austria. Talking about odds, the chance of getting all 6 numbers and hit the top jackpot, stands at 1:8,145,060. With draws happening every Wednesday at 18:45 CET and Sundays at 19:15 CET, this lottery gives players the chance to win twice a week.
  • 20
    What is the Swiss lotto?
    The Swiss Lotto is a very popular lottery in Switzerland and it is said to make around 20 to 30 millionaires a year. To play, you will need to select a total of 6 numbers between 1-42 together with an extra bonus number between 1-6. Tickets cost €2.50 each and draws happen twice a week - every Wednesday at 20:00 CET and Saturday at 18:00 CET. Results for the Swiss Lotto can be found here at Multilotto!

How to bet

  • 1
    How do I bet?

    Just sign up and:
    1. Choose your lotto game.
    2. Choose your numbers.
    3. Pay and good luck!

  • 2
    What is Boost Jackpot?
    Boost Jackpot is an innovative feature that lets you play for a jackpot far bigger than the regular jackpot on four of our biggest lotteries.
    Boost jackpot is available on Powerball, Mega Millions and 6 Aus 49.
    To select the boost jackpot feature simply click on your chose lottery and the click on the ‘Boost Jackpot’ option. Everything else is the same; you pick your numbers in the same way and if you would have won in the regular draw you’ll win the boost jackpot amount if you selected the feature.

My Account

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    I have forgotten my username and/or password

    Click here and reset your password by filling in your e-mail address.

  • 2
    How do I deposit money?

    Go to your Dashboard and click ”Deposit money here” below your name and account balance. Follow the instructions.

  • 3
    How do I withdraw money?

    Go to your Dashboard and click ”Widthdraw money here” below your name and account balance. Follow the instructions.


  • 1
    Where can I find the lottery results?

    You can check the results at our results page here. You can always compare your bets in your Dashboard at

  • 2
    Where can I find the official lottery results?

    Powerball: Click here.
    Mega Millions: Click here.
    Eurojackpot: Click here.
    Bonoloto: Click here.
    La Primitiva: Click here.
    New York Lottery: Click here.
    Mega-Sena: Click here.
    California SuperLotto Plus: Click here.
    SuperEnaLotto: Click here.
    El Gordo de La Primitiva: Click here.
    German Lotto: Click here.
    Cash4Life: Click here.
    New York lotto: Click here.
    Irish lotto: Click here.
    Norway lotto: Click here.
    Finland lotto: Click here.
    Poland lotto: Click here.
    Poland Mini Lotto: Click here.

  • 3
    When can I see the lottery results?

    Check your Dashboard in your account or in our Results page. The lottery results will be there 15-20 minutes after the drawing.

  • 4
    When can I see the prizes/winnings?

    All prizes/winnings will be available in your Dashboard or in the Results page up to 5-6 hours after the draw.


  • 1
    What happens when I win?

    You will, no matter the size of the winning, receive a notification email from All winnings are automatically credited to your online players account and can be transferred to your personal bank account within a few clicks.

  • 2
    Do I have to pay taxes if I win on a foreign lottery?

    Generally, taxes fall into two categories:

    (1) Taxes in the country where the lottery is organized or co-organized. This is different for each lottery. Generally, non-jackpot winnings are already pre-taxed and will be paid out according to the game's payout rules. Jackpot winnings are generally stated pre-tax so the actual payout may be lower depending on each country's tax rules.

    (2) Taxes in your country of residence. It is your responsibility to check up on current laws in your country and comply with your country's tax regulation. Multilotto does not charge or withhold any taxes on your behalf.


  • 1
    General casino rules

    On the Multilotto Casino you can choose between playing for real money or play money. We recommend all new customers to start playing with play money to get to know the casino better - this way, you can practice playing the games before you play for real money.

    Playing with real money means you’ll win real cash! We've got plenty of awesome games full of great ways to win and some huge jackpots! Remember, you can always switch back to play money if for example you feel like trying out a new game or just feel like betting big with absolutely no risk.

  • 2
    How to play?

    Start by opening an account. If you already have one, you simply look around the casino to find a game of your liking, and click it to start.

    We recommend new customers to try playing for play money first, and then when you are comfortable, start playing with real money for your chance to take home big cash wins!

  • 3
    How do I know the games are fair?

    The outcome of all our games is determined by a computerized random number generator, also called RNG ("Random Number Generator"). This same mechanism is applied both when playing for real money and play money. It is completely random and fair, this is guaranteed by the certification we have received after careful review and approval by a third party: NMi Metrology & Gaming Limited.

  • 4
    The game froze

    Our skilled engineers work diligently to make sure that our casino reels are well-oiled and spinning effortlessly. In the unlikely event that a game would freeze when you play, don't worry.

    Please take a screenshot of the entire page and send it to [email protected] including the time of the freeze and we will investigate. You do not have to worry about losing any money, the game will have automatically saved your progress and when you start it again, you should be exactly where you got interrupted.