Young West Yorkshire couple wins £1.000.000 after jumping queue

Arron Walshaw and Ceri Hall recently became £1.000.000 richer, and all that thanks to a random stranger. They showed up to buy the winning ticket two minutes before the draw closed and one lady noticed they were in a hurry. She let them jump queue and that was the main reason why the young couple scooped this impressive windfall.

Walshaw and Hall collected Millionaire Raffle prize worth £1.000.000 in the UK Lotto draw on July 11th. The couple bought a ticket at the very last minute, after noticing they had a free lucky dip from the previous draw. A lady approached the same cashier they did, but let them go first.

“She must have seen that I was in a rush because she insisted I went before her. What a stroke of luck that turned out to be. I don’t think I would have been in time to buy my ticket if she hadn’t let me go first. We would love to meet her again and say thank you for changing our lives,” said Mr. Walshaw.

Before collecting £1.000.000, Walshaw and Hall had to search through their house looking for lost pennies so they could pull together enough cash for a camping trip. Those days are long gone, and they probably won’t have to worry about money ever again.

“This win will allow me to work the hours I want to and be more flexible with my workload. That said, I think any spare time will be taken up with other things! We’ve got a wedding to plan and I want to make it the wedding of Ceri’s dreams,” said Mr. Walshaw.

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