The Vikings Are Here!

Two new super cheap Scandinavian lotteries have landed at, meaning there’s now 19 jackpots to choose from! It’s the biggest Scandinavian invasion since the days of the Vikings!

From today onwards you can bet on the Norwegian and Finnish lotteries right here at! Both offer cracking odds of hitting the jackpot and are very cheap, with Norwegian Lotto prices at just 50p and Finnish Lotto £1.

Find out more about the latest additions to our great choice of lotteries.


Norway Lotto

A single line costs just 50p! You can’t even get a bar of chocolate for that! The chances of winning are also incredible and are in fact among the best in the world for any major lottery at just over 1 in 5 million! Betting is easy too simply pick 7 correct numbers from a really small pool of 1-34!

The draw takes place every Saturday night at 17.00 GMT.

Bet on this great new lotto here

Finland Lotto

It’s hugely popular in its native Finland and it’s easy to see why with tickets priced at just £1 and excellent odds of winning the top prize. It’s easy to bet too, simply pick 7 numbers from a relatively small pool of 1-40 and if you match them all you’ll hit the jackpot.

The draw takes place every Saturday night at 20.45 GMT.

You can play right here.


Enjoy these 2 new additions and check the homepage now for today’s biggest jackpots!

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