Royal wedding comes with an eye-watering price, but will it break records?

Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle is one of the most anticipated events of the year and it will certainly be a spectacle everyone is so eagerly waiting for. There are a lot of rumours flying around about the cost of this royal event. Some experts are predicting it will go down in history as one of the most expensive weddings the world has ever seen.

All eyes will be on Harry and Meghan when they tie the knot on May 19th, and fans of the royal couple want their wedding to push boundaries. At this point in time, the cost is estimated at £32.000.0000, making it one of the most expensive marriage ceremonies we’ve ever witnessed. It will not break the record set by Harry’s parents – the wedding of Charles and Diana reportedly came with a price tag of approximately £80.000.0000! Their son and his fiancé will be a little bit more humble, at least by royal family’s standards.

Wedding gown is always the most-talked about item at every event of this scope, and some are saying the future bride will spend between £300.000 and £400.000 on her Ralph and Russo dress. Royal expert Katie Nicholl doesn’t believe there’s any truth to these rumours. Kate Middleton cashed out £250.000 for her gown, and her future sister-in-law shouldn’t spend much more.

“Meghan is very mindful of wanting to send the right message with her gown. It’s going to be iconic and fit the backdrop of Windsor Castle, but it would send off the wrong message to wear a dress that in cost alone would upstage Kate’s,” explained Nicholl.

According to Bridebook, the couple will spend £300.000 on the glass marquee, which will serve as the centrepiece for the evening reception in the grounds of Frogmore House. They will cash out £110.000 on flowers, £90.000 on 20 silver-plated trumpets that will announce the event and £50.000 on the lemon elderflower cake from Violet Bakery. The list goes on, but the money will mostly be spent on security measures, since safety of the couple and their guests comes first.

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