Retired Louth couple celebrates a £1.000.000 lotto victory

When Barry Coupland found out his lotto ticket is worth more than £200, he was planning to surprise his wife Brenda with a nice flower bouquet. Their plans drastically changed after lottery officials informed them they didn’t win a few hundreds of pounds, but a whole million!

Retired couple from Louth scooped £1.000.000 after matching the winning code in UK’s Lotto Millionnaire Raffle on July 14th. They didn’t come forward right away because their ticket spent some time lying unchecked on the kitchen counter. Mr. Coupland usually checks his tickets whenever he goes back to buy new ones. That’s what happened this time around, but the cashier told him they can only pay up to £200 and advised him to contact Camelot. He returned home and described this strange encounter to his wife Brenda, who immediately picked up the phone and made a call.

“I wish I could have captured the moment I found out we were millionaires. I think the colour must have drained from my face, I was just in absolute shock. I had one million pounds on my kitchen table for over a week and I didn’t even realise!” said Ms. Coupland.

Fortunate couple celebrated their victory by welcoming 70 guests to their annual summer garden party. Despite being millionaires, they had to clean the garden chairs and prepare food for their guests, who didn’t even know what was going on. The impressive £1.000.000 victory will allow them to buy their dream car, do some travelling and help out their family.

“Brenda and I will be looking at holidays too, ticking off some places we’ve never been before. We also have kids and grandkids to think about! It’s fantastic that this win will change not only our lives but also all our family as well,” said Mr. Coupland.

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