Oktoberfest: What You Need To Know!

Oktoberfest is one of the biggest celebrations on the calendar. This Bavarian festival celebrates the best that the region has to offer to millions of visitors every single year. It’s a food/beer festival on the grandest scale, and one that everyone gets a little excited about come September/October.

That includes MultiLotto, who have launched the Oktoberfest Lottery to coincide with the 2018 festival. This lottery follows the format of the popular Spanish lottery BonoLoto, requiring players to choose numbers as if they were playing that lottery and selecting them based on the BonoLoto draw. But instead of the usual BonoLoto prize, they have chance to win a massive £1 million, or up to £790 million if they bet on the boosted version!

It’s a grand lottery for a grand festival, and if you are planning a visit to Oktoberfest this year then make sure you read this guide to find out all you need to know.

The Essentials

Basic Information


  • Where is it: Theresienwiese.
  • How to Access: Public transport will take you direct. You can also walk from the train station.
  • Where to Stay: You can stay in hotels, B&Bs, hostels, or camp spots outside of the city centre.
  • When to Visit: It’s best to get in early as it can be expensive to book accommodation late.

Oktoberfest Beer

Oktoberfest Opening Times

Beer is not served at all hours and abides by the following set times:


  • Opening Day: Noon to 10:30pm.
  • Weekdays: 10am to 10:30pm.
  • Weekends: 9am to 10:30pm.

The stalls themselves are open a little later:


  • Opening Day: 10am to midnight.
  • Monday to Thursday: 10am to 11:30pm.
  • Friday: 9am to midnight.
  • Weekends: 9am to 11:30pm.

What to Do

There is lots to do at Oktoberfest. Obviously the main attraction is the beer and the food, of which there is plenty, but it’s not just about boozing until the early hours and eating your fill of cooked meats.

There is live traditional music played throughout the day, before the singalong pop songs come on during the evening when everyone has had a little to drink. There is dancing, and there is always a wealth of carnival games to take part in. It’s like a giant fair—they even have bumper cars!

One of the best things to do is just chat with strangers. It’s great to meet new people in a new country, and you could make friends that last for a lifetime, or at the very least give you a buddy for the night.

Just get out there, chat, dance, sing, play, and enjoy yourself. You can sample some of the local culture, get an adrenaline fix on the rides, and make new friends from all over the world. Oktoberfest is truly the ultimate party, and one where everyone can enjoy themselves.

Advice For Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest App

The Germans have a reputation for being organised and efficient, and that’s as true of the Oktoberfest as it is of everything else they do. Not only can you find lots of information in Munich, but you can also download an app that will guide you through the Oktoberfest experience. The Oktoberfest companion app is official and is available for Android and iOS. It has up-to-date news, traffic advice, and everything else you could need.

Did you know that Multilotto also has an app? We have made it even easier to bet on your favourite lotteries such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Irish Lottery and the Eurojackpot.

How Much Money Do You Need For Oktoberfest?

It is always good practice to take a bank card with you, but this should not be your sole outlet. Cash is king at Oktoberfest, even in a modern city like Munich. There are ATM queues and fees that can make it difficult for card users, while cash users can cut out all of that hassle. Frequent visitors recommend budgeting for between €40 and €50 a day, but it all depends on how much you plan to drink and eat. Beer can cost up to €12 a litre while wine can cost upwards of €38 a bottle!

Best Clothes For Oktoberfest

You do not need to wear traditional clothes to visit Oktoberfest, contrary to what your friends may have told you. This is a common misconception with tourists, and leads to a lot of unnecessary expenditures, not to mention some amusing holiday snaps. There is certainly nothing stopping you from wearing traditional apparel and the majority of visitors will be wearing it, but you can also dress as you normally would.

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