Na zdrowie! Polish Mini Lotto Now Available

New daily draw arrives at

If you like a bargain then you’re going to love our newest addition – Polish Mini Lotto!

There’s no need to head down to the local Polski sklep to get this Baltic bargain as you can bet on Mini Lotto every day of the week from the comfort of your home, or on your mobile, at Multilotto!

Did we mention it’s cheap? Like, really cheap. Like less than the cost of a packet of crisps cheap?

A single bet will cost you just 30 pence!

We’ve been adding to our catalogue of lotteries loads recently, with exciting new draws appearing all the time.

In fact, Polish Mini Lotto is one of just 17 lotteries you can enjoy with us. That means you’ve got multiple chances to win millions every day!

Read on to find out more about Polish Mini Lotto.

Polish Mini Lotto

Lottery is massive in Poland and Mini Lotto is one of the country’s big favourites, mainly because it has created so many winners! 

It’s really easy and the odds of winning are the best of any lottery we offer…

All you’ve got to do is choose 5 correct numbers between 1 and 42. It can’t be that hard can it? 

If you match all 5 you’ll hit the jackpot!

As mentioned earlier, a single bet costs just 30p, which means you can boost your chances of winning by betting on a good few lines without breaking the bank at the same time.

Another reason why Polish Mini Lotto is so popular is because draws take place every single day of the week at 21.40 CET (20.40 GMT).

You can bet on Polish Mini Lotto right here.

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