Meet lotto winners who are spreading Christmas cheer this holiday season

Holiday season is a perfect time for spreading around happiness and sharing what you have with others – that’s why dozens of lotto winners around the UK and Ireland decided to abandon their luxurious lifestyles for a day or two and create something truly magnificent. They’ve really given Santa and his elves a run for their money by giving away the presents and building life-sized gingerbread houses in children’s hospices around the country.

1. Little Bridge House receives an early Christmas gift


Several lotto winners, with a combined wealth of around £23.000.000, teamed up at South West’s children’s hospice Little Bridge House with a noble goal. They spent the whole day building an enormous gingerbread playhouse for children and their families. Allison Ryder, director of care at the hospice, expressed her gratitude to the winners and described their creation as a “fun, safe place” that will be enjoyed by everyone visiting Little Bridge House.

“The gingerbread house will add colour to our gardens and I’m sure it will bring joy for many years to come. We want to thank everyone for giving up their time to create this magical place for us,” said Ms. Ryder.

2. Santa and lotto-winning elves deliver toys to Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice in Glengormley was also visited by a group of delighted winners – they even entered the property on a sleigh, pulled by two reindeer! The group of fortunate lotto punters who brought presents for kids included Clare and Clifford Marks, Anne Canavan, Stephen Inglis and Mary Hamilton, woman from Belfast who scooped a mesmerizing £12.900.000 Euromillions prize back in 2014.

“The Children’s Hospice is an organisation that is very close to my heart so to be able to be here today to give gifts to the children and see how happy the Christmas festivities have made them really does mean the world,” said Ms. Hamilton and added that the whole experience has been very fulfilling for everyone involved.

3. Another gingerbread house built for kids in Dundee


Life-sized gingerbread houses are really popular this holiday season, and several lotto winners with collective net worth of £25.000.000 built another one at Dundee’s charity for disabled children known as “The Yard” By doing so, they provided “a calm, relaxing environment for the kids” where they can come and enjoy some quiet time out. Jim and Pamela Forbes, who collected a £655.000 Euromillions prize a few months ago, were two of the many winners helping out in Dundee.

“The lottery winners were all really keen to get involved and to contribute. Building and decorating the playhouse has been brilliant – one of the best things I’ve done –  and I’m looking forward to seeing the kids’ faces when they see it,” said Forbes.

4. Middlesbrough’s Zoe’s Place will have a Christmas to remember


Another children’s hospice got its very own festive playhouse thanks to a joined effort of several lotto winners, who wanted to make this Christmas extra special for kids in Middlesbrough. They met up at Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice and transformed a small shed into a big gingerbread house, just a few days ahead of charity’s big Christmas lights switch-on. £1.000.000 winners Mark and Cheryl Brudenell were amongst the generous participants who decided to spread a little bit of Christmas magic this holiday season.

“Zoe’s Place has a magical feel about it and the staff are incredible We decided to help and support the hospice following our win – we were lucky enough to win the lottery and therefore we feel it is only right to help and support others,” said the couple.

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