Man wins a £9.300.000 jackpot shortly after splitting with his long-term girlfriend

Paul Long hasn’t been doing so great in a last couple of weeks. He broke up with his girlfriend, moved out of their shared home and struggled with finding a new job. Everything changed when his UK Lotto ticket matched all the winning numbers on March 24th and transformed him into an instant millionaire.

Long correctly guessed six main winning numbers 3, 11, 16, 36, 43 and 59 to scoop an incredible £9.300.000 windfall. He was over the moon after checking his ticket and thinking he netted £9.000, but after sharing the news with one of his friends Long realized he won much, much more. This amazing victory comes only a few weeks after breakdown of his five-year relationship with girlfriend Julie West, but the couple tried to stay on good terms after splitting up.

“I was with her the day I won it. I went to see her on Saturday. We split up amicably. Let’s be honest, if I was with someone and you’ve just split up and they go and win £9.000.000 on the lottery, you’re going to be gutted aren’t you? You never know, I might take her for a holiday or a meal,” said Long.

The fortunate man celebrated his victory by going to a car show and buying a new Ford EcoSport. He’s a big fan of football club Leyton Orient – their CEO Danny Macklin personally congratulated him after his £9.300.000 win made the news and invited him to their next match. Despite his loyalty to his favourite club, Long isn’t sure he’ll investing any money in Leyton Orient, because he wants to make smart choices. His priority are his three grown-up children and he’s thinking about buying a couple of properties to ensure their future.

“I’m not going to make them millionaires. I think they should learn the value of things. I want to give them a life where I know they’re going to be alright – that’s what I take satisfaction from,” concluded Long.

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