Lottery winner buys an adorable Windsor Castle replica for her puppy

Seeing lotto winners spend their money on quirky things is nothing new, but Susan Crossland has taken things to the next level. This lucky woman spent thousands of pounds so her dog Archie could enjoy the royal wedding from his replica of Windsor Castle. 

The £1.200.000 winner is already getting ready for the big day, but  hosting barbeque and decorating her veranda with red, white and blue trimming wasn’t enough. Each member of her family will celebrate the royal wedding in their own special way – including her puppy Archie! Crossland decided to treat her good boy with a tiny model of Windsor Castle worth £5.000. The replica was produced by a team of seven designers from the Russell Beck Studio, who spent 244 hours working on this adorable doghouse. No one asked them to build a pooch palace before, but Crossland’s enthusiasm must’ve convinced them to give it a shot.

“We love to spoil him and I couldn’t believe it when I heard about a gentleman who was up for all types of projects – no matter how crazy. Archie obviously can’t go to Windsor Castle so we wanted to make him his very own castle – and we know he will love it,” explained Crossland.

Archie enjoys spending his days inside the mini-Windsor Castle, but he probably won’t be the only dog to set foot inside this tiny replica. Lottery winner is thinking about donating it to an organization where others can enjoy it after her puppy gets bored of it.

“Although I had it done for Archie – and he does love it – I would like after the wedding to take it off him, if he’ll let me, to donate it to a place where lots of other people can enjoy it – either for dogs or maybe it can go for a place when children can play in it,” said Crossland.

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