Gardener and his girlfriend are living the dream after £3.000.000 victory

Most lottery winners need weeks, even months before they’re ready to start making plans, but not James Evans. This fortunate gardener from Kent and his girlfriend JoJo Smith already have their future mapped out. They’ll use a £3.000.000 windfall to buy their dream home in Cornwall and start running their own business.

Evans decided to give lottery a try after hearing about a local who scored a major prize. When the same thing happened to him, the lucky gardener thought his eyes were playing tricks on him and kept checking the ticket over and over again. It was Friday when he rang Camelot to confirm his victory and he had to wait until Monday to get a call-back, so Evans did everything he could to distract himself in the next few days.

“To keep my mind busy over the weekend I pottered about in the garden, went for a bike ride, took the dog for a walk and even mowed the neighbour’s lawn, anything but think about the scratchcard I had sitting in my bedside table that could make me a multi-millionaire!” said the winner.

The young couple has been fantasizing about moving to Cornwall for a long time and they’ve been slowly working towards that goal. The £3.000.000 victory allowed them to transform their dream into reality right away. They’ll start looking for a “nice little farmhouse” in the area and start a new life. Evans wants to establish a maintenance business, open a bakery for his girlfriend and share the rest of the money with his family.

“I’m going to buy mum a bungalow on the banks of the Tamar River and look at hiring a villa in Ibiza so we can treat friends and family to one hell of a holiday in the sun. And if England makes it to the finals, a few of us may also be heading to Russia, but that particular adventure is in the hands of fate,” concluded Evans.

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