Eurojackpot Has Some Of The Best Lottery Odds In The world

Eurojackpot was created as an alternative to EuroMillions, a lottery that was just as regular, just as widespread and offered just as many big wins, but would be won much more frequently. And for the most part the organisers have achieved their goal. Eurojackpot is not quite as big as the EuroMillions in terms of maximum jackpot or average jackpot, but it still has huge prize pools, as well as some very favourable lottery odds.

In fact, where lottery odds are concerned you will struggle to find much better than Eurojackpot, as explained in this guide.

Which Lotteries Have the Best Odds?

Every Eurojackpot line has a 1 in 95 million chance of scooping the grand prize, and a 1 in 5.9 million chance of taking the second largest prize. There are a total of 7 numbers on a Eurojackpot line, including 5 main numbers and 2 bonus numbers. All 7 are needed in order to win the jackpot, with 5 main numbers returning the third highest prize and 5 main numbers and 1 bonus number winning the second highest prize.

What follows is an updated list of Eurojackpot odds, covering all 12 of the prize tiers, from the smallest prize, which is paid out to players who get just 2 main numbers and 1 bonus number, right on through to the jackpot.

  • Jackpot = 1 in 95,344,200
  • Second = 1 in 5,959,013
  • Third = 1 in 3,405,150
  • Fourth = 1 in 423,752
  • Fifth = 1 in 26,485
  • Sixth = 1 in 15,134
  • Seventh = 1 in 9,631
  • Eighth = 1 in 672
  • Ninth = 1 in 602
  • Tenth = 1 in 344
  • Eleventh = 1 in 128
  • Twelfth = 1 in 42

The Eurojackpot is a relatively new online lottery when compared to other major lotteries, as it was drawn for the first time in 2012. But already in its short life it has experienced a big odds shift.

This shift occurred in October 2014, just two years after the first draw had taken place. More numbers were added to the pool and this caused the odds of most prize tiers to change, with the jackpot shifting from 1 in 59 million to the 1 in 95 million that is available today. Even after this change had taken place, Eurojackpot still had some of the very best lottery odds around.

Eurojackpot UK

To understand how good Eurojackpot odds are you only need to compare them to other lotteries with equally large jackpots. The 1 in 95 million of the Eurojackpot is much lower than the 1 in 302 million on Mega Millions, the 1 in 292 million on Powerball, and even the 1 in 139 million on EuroMillions.

Eurojackpot doesn’t quite match-up to the New York Lotto and the Irish Lottery, but it’s not that far off and when you consider that the average jackpot is much higher it’s easy to see why so many players put this European lottery first.

What are the Odds of Winning the Lottery More than Once?

Lottery odds are a funny thing. They are far higher than the average person can understand, just as the jackpots are much more than the average person can conceive. One of the strangest things about odds is that seven consecutive numbers have the same chance of appearing as 7 numbers chosen at random. What’s more, if a player does happen to hit the jackpoot with those numbers one week and then bets with the same numbers for the next week, the chance of winning the second time are the same.

odds of winning the lottery

It is counterintuitive. What makes this situation even more bizarre is that if you are to purchase those numbers for two consecutive weeks the odds of them both showing up would be multiplied. So, in the case of Eurojackpot they would be 1 in 95 million multiplied by 1 in 95 million. But as soon as those numbers are drawn for the first week, the odds of them appearing again the next week are the same as any other set of numbers.

There have actually been a few lottery players who have won consecutive lotteries, as well as a few who have won two different lotteries on the same day. A player has yet to win two major jackpots in a row or on the same day, but they have still defied the odds in winning consecutive large amounts.

In the Italian national lottery, which goes by the name SuperEnaLotto, there was an incident in which a player scooped the jackpot and won a special bonus number booster on top of it, overcoming astronomical odds of over 1 in 56 billion in the process.

Looking at the Lottery Odds Which Lotto will you Bet on?

Somebody wins - that’s the mantra that lottery players use to justify the high odds. And it’s true, because the beauty of a lottery is that you pay a small, insignificant amount of money in order to give yourself the chance of grabbing a huge amount of money. But the better the lottery odds, the more chance you have of success.

And when it comes to great lottery odds, you will struggle to find anything better than this top European lottery. So, if you want big jackpots and great odds, bet on the Eurojackpot and try your luck.

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