Could You Become A World Cup Winner?

Exciting new lottery offers planet’s biggest set jackpot of €1 BILLION and will be drawn six times a week throughout the World Cup. 

Could you be celebrating in style this summer?

Thirty-two different nations will be dreaming of winning the World Cup in Russia, but did you know that there’s arguably an even bigger prize up for grabs this summer?

To coincide with the planet’s biggest football tournament, global lottery giants have launched World Cup Billion.

This incredible new lottery will be drawn every evening apart from Sunday (six times a week) and will offer a mind-blowing top prize of €1 BILLION (£882M approx) . So, while it’s probably best not to pin all your hopes of glory on England returning home triumphant, at least there’s something else to get excited about too.

The €1 Billion jackpot is by far the biggest ever set jackpot in history and will be available across the planet, but it could be won by someone right here in the UK.

The first draw will take place on Thursday June 14th, the same day as the action gets underway in Russia, with the final draw happening on July 15th – the same day as the World Cup Final takes place at the Luzhniki Stadium Moscow.

Head of Communications for Andrew Clarke said, “We’ve decided to ramp up the excitement this summer by sprinkling six chances to win a billion every week on top of a month of pure footballing action.

“We’re delighted to be able to add to the excitement and drama of the next few weeks.”

In order to win the jaw-dropping jackpot, you’ll have to guess 6 number from 1-49 and another bonus number from 1-42.

Think you can score the ultimate goal this World Cup?

You can have a crack at the World Cup Billion jackpot here.

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