Carpenter takes a day off to contemplate his £100.000 win

There are some situations when it’s ok not to show up for work, and discovering you became £100.000 richer is absolutely one of them. That’s what James Elsey did after finding out he became lottery winner – he called his boss and asked him to take a day off because he was to shaken to work.

The fortunate man from Thurrock bought his £100.000 winning ticket at a local convenience store, while making a stop to pick up his co-worker. The self-employed carpenter was very shocked to find out he won a major lottery prize, and decided it may be better to take that day off so he wouldn’t put anyone in danger.

“It’s not every day you win £100.000 and my mind wasn’t on the job so I thought it might be safer for me to call it a day. On the way home I rang my partner, Mel, who thought I was joking and only believed it when I sent her a picture of the winning card,” said the 33-year-old man.

Despite the fact he didn’t win a life-altering amount of money, this £100.000 lotto victory will help him change a few things for the better. Elsey currently doesn’t have a full time job, and believes his family will enjoy greater financial freedom after this win.

“In some ways, the win isn’t about the money but about the security it gives us. I am self-employed so if I’m not working, I’m not earning and that has meant that holidays and days off sick always come with a little bit of worry,” said the £100.000 winner after collecting his prize money.

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