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British charities lose millions with a decline in sales of lottery tickets

It’s widely known that the National Lottery in the UK donates millions on weekly basis to good causes around the country, but with a steady drop in the sales of lottery tickets, the amount of donated money is dropping as well. There are many contributing factors that caused British players to turn their backs on the National Lottery – from economic uncertainty to strong competition from the wider gambling sector.

Lottery ticket sales began declining in the April last year, and the situation didn’t change for the better ever since. Between April and June this year the amount that the National Lottery donates to the good causes fell by £76.700.000 – this marked the fifth consecutive quarter of disappointing sales for lottery operator Camelot, that was described as “extraordinarily worrying” since numerous organizations in the sports, arts and heritage sector rely on this crucial source of funding.

The situation got so bad it was recently announced taxpayers may have to contribute £75.000.000 towards preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games – an incredible amount of money that would usually be accumulated through lottery funding. Camelot is predicting a further decline in the future, but they’re aware what this loss of funds means for charities around the UK. 

“While economic uncertainty and increasing competition from the wider gambling sector both had an impact, the main reason for the fall in sales last year was the disappointing performance of the National Lottery’s core draw-based games — especially Lotto, with player confidence in the game still fragile following the recent game changes,” said a spokesperson for Camelot, and added there’s a lot of work to be done to engage players and win their trust back.

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