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£1.000.000 lottery winner won’t be taking a day off on Christmas

Many people decide to leave their jobs after scooping £1.000.000, but Patricia Aldridge will be working even on Christmas Day! This generous lady from Berkshire intends to show up for her 12-hour shift despite becoming a millionaire, because she would feel bad if one of her colleagues had to change their Christmas plans.

The 55-year-old winner works as a care assistant at a Dementia and Alzheimer’s residential home in Slough. After 23 years of playing the lottery the news about her £1.000.000 victory came as a pleasant surprise, but this didn’t make any changes in her work schedule – she still intends to show up for her 12-hour shift on December 25th.

“I really don’t mind working Christmas because I love it. It’s a special time for people in the care home. I’ve already committed to working Christmas Day and could not drop out now and make someone else have to change their Christmas plans,” explained Ms. Aldridge.

In the last few years, this holiday hasn’t been very festive for her family. She lost both her parents three months apart just before Christmas several years ago, and her brother passed away on Christmas Eve back in 2016. This amazing victory has finally given the Aldridges reason for celebration – they feel like their luck has turned and the future looks a little bit brighter.

“It’s been so tough, but we hope that this win heralds a new season of joy in our family. I was really beginning to think we were cursed for Christmas. This win does not bring our loved ones back, but it does mean we can help out our nearest and dearest and that is a gift that anyone would want,” said Ms. Aldridge.

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